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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sick Safety Scanner for multiple field protection

For mobile applications like AGV's where field of view for safety must change based upon speed or direction or for fixed mount where field of view changes on the state of the machine's operation,  Sick's laser based safety scanners are a great fit.  The Sick safety line offers:
  • Easy Integration
  • Wide product options to fit budget and technical requirements
  • Long history of success in industrial applications.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Vision Guided Robotics

Cimtec partners with small parts assembly customer to increase throughput while increasing quality.   Cognex machine vision integrated with Denso 6-axis robotics.

Customer has hand assembled product since 1968 due in part to the very tight clearances of the components and the need to visually inspect these components prior to assembly.

Engineering proposed and justified an automated assembly machine producing a part every 12 seconds. Cimtec provided two Denso 6 axis robots and two Cognex Insight vision systems and associated training.  Customers in-house engineering team mounted, wired, and programmed the robots, vision systems, PLC, and HMI. CIMTEC provided the on-site start-up support and troubleshooting guidance. This collaborative effort resulted in the quickest commissioning of a system of this size and complexity in the customer’s history.

While there is no doubt that a skilled operator could assemble one part in much less than 12 seconds, the robots make up for this with their ability to continue to assemble 300 parts per hour even in the 8th continuous hour of a standard shift. Repeatability and 100% machine vision inspection also translate into quality parts.

Quantitative feedback from the vision system also means changes to upstream manufacturing process can be implemented much sooner, reducing scrap

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